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You · think · you · know, · but · you · have · no · idea

This is the livejournal of AJ

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Some people should just die.  
Actually, no, i take that back. 
That would make them even more loved. 

Some people should just get the shit kicked 
out of them, then move to mexico w/ out a passport.

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ecstatic fuck you
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the f-ups- screw you
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OK. here it is....

once and for all....


My real, legal, full name is Richard Michael Marliere.  My name was going to be Ryan Michael Marliere.  However, when i was born, the doctor cut my face open during the C-section, which is how I got the scar on my left cheek.  I came out gushing blood and screaming (wearing a slayer shirt, but thats beside the point).  So here was this little, angry, baby bleeding profusely from the face.  And I lived, obviously.  But because I survived such a horrific accident as a newborn baby, my mom decided I should have a "tough guy" name, like Jake.  
But everyone in my family knew someone named Jake.  Therefore, I became "Another Jake", or, AJ for short.  I was still without a legal name and the nurse came into my room.  So what'd my parents do?  "RICHARD MICHAEL!"  after my grandpa, and dad.  WHY THE FUCK NOT JAKE?! I'm not a Dick, don't name me Richard. But oh well.  Richard I am, and forever will be.  But I dont think Dick should be short for richard anyway..  My names not Dickard, don't call me Dick.  Fuck it. Whats your name? Terry? ok, well Terry I'm going to call you Twat.

BUT luckily...AJ stuck.  I was AJ the day I was born, and I will be AJ till I die.  Just not on legal documents and I pretty much have to tell that story to teachers every year...but not anymore.  Which is why I posted it here, so everyone can see and stop asking.
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something bads gonna happen reaaalll soon. i have a feeling. 
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hmm...well i basically just let go of all my problems. 

now i get to sit back and watch you guys fight and bitch about yours....still....
its actually pretty ridiculous, but thats coming from someone much younger...so what 
do i know?

tonight was alright. kinda boring.  hung out by myself cause friends are rare these days, 
prolly cause i get annoyed real easily and don't hesitate to show it. And I'm basically 
riding bitch and not shotgun anymore.  but fuck it.  I got the old K-Os cd and its bad
fuggin ass. I also got an old black keys cd, but i've only listened to one song. 

then i went to erin's, watched happy gilmore, overstayed my welcome and got her 
in trouble, which is what i do best.   but i only do that best because her mom is


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I'm in a good mood, so i'll post a positive entry, since it only happens once in a while.

hmm....whats good....

1. I've listened to the dustin kensrue cd at least once all the way through every day since it came out. Cause its that damn good.

2. My hair is growing...finally.

3. Dammit. I hate it when shit happens in the middle of an entry and the whole thing gets turned around. 

4. Just thinking about this one certain topic makes me want to shove someones face in fry grease......

5. Fuck it. I dont care. I'll do it anyway. 

6. 66

7. I'm tired of freezing my nuts off.  *Yo fuck you nutless mutha fucka....*

8.  I hate my job, I love my band, my friends, my girl, and the harlots haha 

9.  I'm horny

10. Sinatra is the best thing thats ever happened to music.

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OH yeah!! I forgot I actually have something to post about thats someone serious.

My stepdad, Steve as most of you know him, was in a car accident last night.  His jeep was t-boned by some stupid ass fuckin peice of gangster shit who decided to run a red light.  

His head hit the driver's side window and shattered the window.  How he could shatter a window with his head is beyond me. The back wheel of his jeep got knocked completely off, and needless to say, his beloved jeep is totaled.

He went to the hospital and all that jazz...had to ride in the same ambulance as the homie g funk daddy that hit him.  That'd be awkward, but luckily for the other guy, steve was strapped down to a strecher and in a neck brace. 

So my stepdad got t boned at 45 mph, broke a window with his head, and didn't even get hurt. Well, he's sore as hell...but nothing serious. He didn't even bleed. He's been spitting out glass shards, but no blood.  So he's ok. 

But fuck people who run red lights and kill my brother and kill my stepdads jeep.
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I'm bored.

Bearing arms is doing really good. 

I'm bored.

I like...salad...

* * *

Its funny how things work out.... or don't work out at all.

I'm tired, i'm sick, I'm pissed, I'm on the verge of losing my mind.
I have no reason to smile anymore. Nothing is working. 
Absolutely nothing. I'm tired of trying, I'm tired of failing. 

I know that I'm not a good hearted person. I know I'm selfish.
And I know that I'm probably not going to get married and make 
lots of money and have a family.  I've been alone pretty much 
my whole life, and I'll most likely continue the tradition of the 
men of my family and spend life alone. I have so much to 
look forward to.  

But you know me....


* * *
a thought.....


it seriously means nothing. unless your married, but then its just an excuse to have sex. 
I always get pissed off on valentines day because people are fucking stupid.  Then there
are people like me, who are pressured by all these stupid ass people to make the day
"her special day".  What makes it special?  Couples go out all the time, not just on valentines day.
People still fight on valentines day.  In my eyes, valentines day is just another pointless ass excuse
for the guy to spend money and too much effort on a girl.  Sort of like....well, prom.  
Girls do nothing. They expect a perfect romantic night, and when they don't get it, they bitch and moan
and complain and make you feel like shit. 

Today is February 14.  Nothing is different from the 13th. Tomorrow will be the 15th, and the only
thing different will be that guys everywhere will be about a hundred or more dollars poorer, and 
girls will still be bitching. 

Fuck you valentines day. Fuck you in your heartless ass.
* * *
This summer, I grow up.

I'm movin out, I'm making more money, I'm gonna tour, get hella tattoos, and i'll be living with some very close friends...which means having fun will replace sleeping. 
Football every sunday in our 2 acre backyard
Party basically every night. 
House shows?
Our only neighbors are prostitutes. lol. 

I've been spending ALOT of time by myself lately, which
I guess isn't a bad thing. I've got alot of work that needed to get done
finished, and I'm learning alot about myself.  I haven't done anything
in so long.  Its fun, but the nights get lonely. I need a night friend.

I haven't decided if im going to back to school this fall. 
My family is kinda counting on me, but I know I won't go to class
and I'll just waste my money, because I'm not motivated. 

This summer's massive road trip is lookin' good. 
Probably take off from Sounds of the Underground, 
head towards an ocean and hit every roadside attraction 
in between. Hang out in big cities, meet new people, sleep
in cheap ass motels and cars, play guitar on the street 
for money. Holy shit I can't wait. 

To sum up this whole entry in three words....
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anxious anxious
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